A mini pochette ideal to contain your money and credit cards. Close up all the needed belogions in a luxury item.


  • The pattern you can see in all our collections is traditionally called rebozo, used for the last four centuries by Mexican women as an essential piece
for their look that accompanies them in the everyday life. To weave the main body of a rebozo, the artisan needs at least three weeks on pedal wooden looms, while the fringe will take from ten to thirty days to hand crochet at home, accordingly to the style and complexity of the design. The rebozo is the perfect union between practical and beautiful. The leather used in all our accessories is 100% local and our master craftsmen follow every single proceeding from the first coloring to the last treatments, to ensure and guarantee the production of an excellent, soft and durable leather. Every piece of the collection is detail oriented to satisfy both of our clients needs, products that are timeless
but do follow trends and at the same time are handmade and crafted following the most ancient techniques, keeping a soul in every piece.